nowhere, a graph navigation tool

Often, ideas don’t appear out of the blue but require some effort to be developped. When thinking about a problem, many thoughts arise and should be made persistent by some means. When thinking of brainstorming techniques, often a graph is chosen to represent items and also structure them already. To transport this method into the virtual world, an easy graph creation and editing tool needs to be at hand. A collection of knowledge becomes the more valuable the more connected and complete it is. But for large graphs, it’s also crutial to navigate quickly through it. Showing and hiding parts of it helps to access relevant information.

This [Python] package aims to facilitate handling large graphs, especially rapid access of parts of a large graph. The goal is not only to provide a brainstorming tool but combining this short-term method with a knowledge base, growing constantly. It’s like keeping all good ideas to support you on future quests.

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