Using Pip Installs Python (Pip), simply type:

pip install

if you want to use the package from the webpage. If you have downloaded it yourself, use:

pip install path/to/HDPy.tar.gz

If you’re using distutils, type:

tar -xzf path/to/HDPy.tgz        # extract files.
cd HDPy*                         # change into HDPy directory.
sudo python install    # install using distutils (as root).
#rm -R .                        # remove source. If desired, uncomment this line.
#cd .. && rmdir HDPy*            # remove working directory. If desired, uncomment this line.

The project is also available on git, with the package and all supplementary data:

git clone

Make sure, [numpy] and [scipy] are installed on your system. For plotting, [matplotlib] is required.


This project is released under the terms of the 3-clause BSD License. See the section License for details.

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