Using Pip Installs Python (Pip), simply type:

pip install

if you want to use the package from the webpage. If you have downloaded it yourself, use:

pip install path/to/PuPy.tar.gz

If you’re using distutils, type:

tar -xzf path/to/PuPy.tgz       # extract files.
cd PuPy*                        # change into PuPy directory.
sudo python install    # install using distutils (as root).
#rm -R .                        # remove source. If desired, uncomment this line.
#cd .. && rmdir PuPy*           # remove working directory. If desired, uncomment this line but be careful.

The project is also available on git, with the package and all supplementary data:

Make sure all dependencies are installed on your system. This obviously includes [Python], as well as [SciPy] and [NumPy]. Furthermore, either [h5py] or [PyTables] is required. Since this module is tightly bound to [Webots] you should have it available as well.

If you wish to store the library outside of the system’s paths, a neat way to link the library to Python is to use a path configuration file (.pth). Place a file <modname>.pth in python’s default module search path for site packages. The file must contain nothing else than the actual path to the library. Note that the module’s source must be within a subfolder of the specified path and the subfolder must have the same name as the module (i.e. <modname>). Normally, <modname> would be PuPy.

To get the site package path, type:

>>> import site
>>> site.getsitepackages()
['/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages', '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages']

If in use, it also makes sense to install the additional scripts from the webots page in a system’s default executable search path. Get these by typing into a bash:

tux@localhost:~$ echo $PATH

/usr/local/sbin should be a fair choice. It is advised to keep the script together with the other data, thus only a symlink is created (as root):

root@localhost:~# ln -s </pth/to/> /usr/local/sbin/webots_builder

The same procedure may be repeated for

Available downloads

PuPy library and documentation by Nico Schmidt and Matthias Baumgartner:

Supplementary scripts and the Puppy webots model by Matej Hoffmann and Stefan Hutter:

The logo by Karin Baumgartner:


This project is released under the terms of the 3-clause BSD License and CC BY. See the section License for details.

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