7. Download

7.1. Installation

Using Pip Installs Python (Pip), simply type:

pip install http://www.igsor.net/aiLib/_downloads/latest.tar.gz

if you want to use the package from the webpage. If you have downloaded it yourself, use:

pip install path/to/aiLib.tar.gz

If you’re using distutils, type:

tar -xzf path/to/aiLib.tgz      # extract files.
cd aiLib*                       # change into aiLib directory.
sudo python setup.py install    # install using distutils (as root).
#rm -R aiLib*                   # remove source. If desired, uncomment this line.

Make sure, scipy and numpy are installed on your system.

7.2. Getting started

Again, make sure that besides the aiLib, the packages scipy and numpy are installed on your system.

7.4. License

This project is released under the terms of the 3-clause BSD License. See the section License for details.

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