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Welcome to the aiLib documentation.

The aiLib is a collection of algorithms used in the broad field of artificial intelligence. This mainly includes machine learning topics and a lot of statistics.

The first two chapters of this documentation are introductory. The first chapter (Introduction) covers information about the documentation and a statistics formulary. The second chapter (core — Core functionality) explains basic library routines and documents their interfaces. The other chapters describe the implemented algorithms. Most documents are structured alike. After some introduction, the theoretical background is explained. This part often covers a mathematical derivation or abstract algorithm sketch. It is not the goal to explain every last detail but the outline should be made clear. It is certainly not required to fully understand every algorithm in order to use it but it’s good if you know what you’re doing. After the theoretical part the interface description follows. Note the Type notations. The final part covers usually some example code that supports the understanding of the interfaces.

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